Black Trash​/​White House

by Guayaba

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Catherine Monnes
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Catherine Monnes Guayaba, Bravo! And Thank you. You knock me out. Beauiful.
Gary Campbell
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Gary Campbell The first track off of "Black Trash/White House" ends with this beautiful statement of truth: "I promise that I'm honest, and I promise I'm sincere, and I'm fucked up in the head and I am fat and I am queer, and I am poor and black and may even be ugly, but I'm here." There's a bit of Nikki Minaj in her multiple personality rapping style, used to full effect on songs like "Brown Recluse." This record concludes with "Paloma," an unexpectedly sweet, soft acoustic guitar ballad. Favorite track: Casa Blanca.
Emilio Luarca
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Emilio Luarca Absolutely my favorite group of songs from 2016. Black Trash/White House is an incredible album that bends genres and defies consistency. Guayaba holds it down for the many artists of color across this nation - by fusing life and art into a truly unique sound.
You inspire me mami, keep it up! Favorite track: Paloma.
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Everything on this album was written by me and all of the beats are by LUNA GOD. Thanks for listening.


released November 22, 2016



all rights reserved


Guayaba Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Basura Negra
I’m sweet, like candy
I’m big and I’m banji,
never spill the tea without stickin out a phalange,
bougie, but would you really say it if you knew me?

I’m a trailer park girl, basura negra, sue me
soy la cucaracha tending to my antennae,
been dining on ambrosia of the gods with the Mckenna’s,
keep it icy, like gucci, Seattle freeze is real,

Northwest princesa con Cubana appeal porque

se mira salvaje, (you look wild)
eres tu mulatta? (are you mixed)

quienes son sus gente (who are your people)

eres una Mami Wata? (are you a Mami Wata?)

Soy Guayaba, really nice to meetcha,
mi pelo es Afro y mi besos Latina

who dat who dat, baby phat, jungle cat;
Guaya, Guaya, Guayaba know where it’s at
shoutout to the tomboy riding scooters in the culdisac
and to the unibrow I shave and still won’t let grow back

carried unto you by the marabou,
great undertaker bird comin down to tear into
Everything you done to me, already done to you
and pick clean the bones of the ones I once thought I knew

And I stay high not because I like the view;
but cuz I cry a river every time I watch the news;
and living in a world like this has got me so confused if I get this check am I still the stone the builder refused? Feel used?

I do, but things are not all that they appear,
and I promise that i’m honest and I promise I’m sincere,
I’m fucked up in the head and I’m fat and I’m queer,

and I am poor and black and may even be ugly but I’m here
Track Name: Santa Sangre
Brown skinned mother of dragons call me Khalessi,
I burninate any nigga that tryna come finesse me
if you’re bringing the hielo you know I bring da fuego
but if yr drippy too quickly, hasta luego

you say I’m frigid but I still got you rigid
I make you stand at attention
I got you all in my mentions, uh
you ask me if its shit I think I can handle
but it was I who faced the darkness armed with only a candle and I,

I asked Santa Sangre
to drink from the fountain
she denied me passage
and told me to go to the mountain x2

Baile conmigo, BYOJ don’t forget the tampico.
blunt after blunt after blunt is how we ro'
Body by platanos y pastelitos

P-O-G the passionorangeguava
and a P-O-C who loves the marijuana
I’m the tuttifrutti-no-bootycutie who always keep it juicy,
pussy so tight in the next life you’ll choose me

I know just by lookin that yr a substanshul nigga can you stimulate stimulate
my substantia nigra I, know wha yr packin make a mija feel loco,
got me cookin la comida while we watchin El topo

I’m pretty wit titties so watch me jiggle ma jelly
come an bounce me up an down an watch it wiggle ma bellee
watch it; cause a dilemma have you callin me Kelly
reading political theory but I’m no Machiavelli

so the saint of blood says no to the fountain,
trust the alchemist will take you to the mountain
it’s alright if you; go without me,
cuz we’ll always have; Jodorowsky
Track Name: Brown Recluse
I’ve been a black widow and I have been a brown recluse
I’m weaving beautifully so tell me what is your excuse
I see you watchin and I see the fire in your eyes so tell me where that passion goes when you’re seein my people die?

you see me on the web and act like I’m not supafly,
you wanna breatha sativa wit me get super high?
you wanna act like you’re not creepy crawlin at my shows
come for the music and stay for the body and the clothes

I knew a girl who worked her way up to the waterspout,
now there’s a spider inside her and she can’t get it out
she’s workin hard in this city trying to gain some clout
she’s cute and proud but she ain’t loud so now she gotta shout

I’m pretty delicate but everybody thinks I’m tough
considered suicide but the rainbow should be enough
Not kurt cobain so R-E-S-P-E-C-T is rough
So put your money where your mouth is and I’ll call your bluff

liar liar,
I was just an object of desire
not religious? stop preachin to de choir
metalhead til I’m dead
but tell these white boys to stop setting churches on fiyah;
confession; when did you first feel that aggression,
where does it come from and what is its lesson,
dance yourself clean because you got me stressin,
and only then will you receive my blessin

bodies twistin like Uzumaki
placed the curse and nobody stopped me,
(bouncy and singsongy)
if he dies he dies; but he bettah beat it up like I was Ivan Drago and he's was rocky

I am the trickster
I am anansi
8 legged smellin like fresh calamansi
rare and a treasure I’ll always remember on days when it feels like nobody else wants me

I’m rich in silk and I will save it for a rainy day (araenidae)
I rest in peace til I see something tryna come my way-I make the people stare don’t really care even tho I am shy;
cuz all I really gotta do is to stay black and die

you wanna try not to get bitten by the brown recluse
you wanna try to deny that you want some guava juice,
you can’t undo what you’ve done because you are the prodigal son
so let the venom work its way into your next excuse
Track Name: Casa Blanca

I light the altar candle
I wipe the surface clean
I draw a line across it
to call the in between

I’m wearing all my cowries
I’m wearing red and black
I will take on Elegua, and I will not look back

I am a flower of the hothouse
I am the pitcher plant
I am the dark fertile soil nourishing in ways that others can’t

numero uno vata, paraponera clavata,

at the end of the day, catch me con elotes y mangonada

eleggua en una casa blanca con la basura negra, I ask of you ellegua
I dance here in your honor, porque I am your daughter
so put me in your favor
and guide me to the water

uh, and I do what it do because I do what I do because I do what I gotta
uh, and I do it for me I don’t do it for you hago por guayaba

cuz I gave you a chance
I let you watch the dance para Santería
but in the end you wanted a Becky,
Y soy una Maria

you wanted a pretty white house
and and a pretty white dog
and a pretty white family

you are on the neighborhood watch
and you watch me walk by and you know you can’t handle me

and you steal a glance for the chance just to take a second look at me

gotchu callin yo pastor an got your wife asking you ‘dear, who the fuck is she??’

I am the piece you’ll never get
I’m down the path you didn’t take
I am the one you dream about when you ask yourself if you’re still awake

I light the altar candle
I wipe the surface clean
I draw a line across it
to call the in between

I’m wearing all my cowries
I’m wearing red and black
I will take on Elegua, and I will not look back x2
Track Name: Uh Oh
seen a nigga in the back of the club lookin at me like he tryna uh oh

had him lookin like a deer in the headlights when I came an winded on him real slow

he tryna get me home tryna get me all alone but I know he tryna uh oh

lo siento papi, ahora is a no no

intertwined like snakes mating,
“are we fucking or are we dating”
pacific northwest passive aggressive,
so motherfucking infuriating,

chop it up save it for later,
snap it up like an alligator
Spice it up like an indicator,
left right wit da regulator

Uh Oh like Lumidee, Never Leave You and you’ll never leave me
baby phat, triple D, quadruple dog dare ya to fuck wit me
not a queen, I’m just a B, tryna dismantle the bougeoise, doesn’t mean I still don’t hold the key, doesn’t mean you don’t fuck wit me I’m a

Vampire Killa,
West side nigga,
Make way for the business bitch
big lips, no filler

put me on, an ad campaign like my last. name was Jenner
post a pic, make 100k buy a house. In Ravenna

uh oh, you made a big mistake,
uh oh, you fucked it up again,
uh oh, you really tried to doubt me,
uh oh, you’re going home without me

you wanna try it, uh, you can’t deny it oh
you wanna buy it, uh, you can’t afford it oh
you wanna touch it uh, you wanna taste it oh
you don’t deserve it uh, you would just waste it oh
Track Name: Paloma
The day we met it sealed my fate, Paloma
the only road I knew I had to take was with you,

where did you go
I’m sorry I’m so selfish I can’t keep you here Paloma
I know that you’ve got such beautiful wings of your own

Paloma I’ll help you fly away
to any place you want to go
but promise if you’ll stay I’ll make this city feel like home

I never got to tell you that
you were my favorite girl
in the world Paloma
and trust me I’ve met every single one
now I’m done

Paloma I’m so sorry I said everything would be alright
sometimes I lie at night
I waited at the window for a sign of life

And where you are Paloma do they tell you that they love you every day?
If not then fly away;
even if the nest you’ve made yourself has comforts too; you know I’ll take care of you

Paloma; you don’t have to be high; I love you all the time, I I love you all the time
even when the lights go out and everyone's gone home;
when nobody is looking and you know that you’re alone,
you shine so bright without me and it scares me please don’t leave just yet Paloma
Paloma, Paloma